Hand Crank USB Charging
Hand Crank USB Charging
Hand Crank USB Charging
Hand Crank USB Charging
Hand Crank USB Charging

Hand Crank USB Charging

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Ever ran out of battery and needed to make an important phone call? Our Hand Crank USB Charging is perfect to charge your smartphone in those emergencies! Simply spin it & charge your phone (or any other device) manually! A 3-minute charge can last up to 5-10 minutes of talking time & 3-8h standby time.

  •  PERFECT IN EMERGENCIES: Quick-charge your iphone/android/any other smartphone
  •  NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED: Just use your hand!
  •  3-MINUTE CHARGE: 5-10Min talking time / 3-8h Standby time
  • Safe to use and won’t harm or damage your mobile phone.
  • Reusable and convenient for travel being lightweight and compact.
  • Built-in extra flashlight.
  • Puts the power in your mobile when there’s no power available, Never be caught out with no power again.
  • Charges your mobile Phone without using grid electricity, sunlight, cells or batteries.
  • 30 seconds of cranking = 5 minutes of bright light, 2 minutes of charging = up to 6 minutes of talk time, up to 30 minutes of standby.
  • Your own miniature power station.
  • Do not rotate too fast maintain 100-120 rotations per minutes, please no rollback.
  • Keep the charger away from heat, fire, water and other cool places.
  • Built-in LED lights up and power is being generated and your phone is being charged.
  • Hand-winding charger with the interface of USB.
  • No Charging required for the Dynamo