Smart Tire Saver
Smart Tire Saver
Smart Tire Saver
Smart Tire Saver
Smart Tire Saver

Smart Tire Saver

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Be in control over your tires pressure without a hassle!
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Driving with deflated tires increases the chance for puncture, tire wear and damages your fuel consumption efficiency. This product will help you keep your tires in an optimal condition.

  • 1 Pack Consists of 4 tire smart valve caps.
  • Smart Tire Saver is the easiest TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) to install on your tire valve stems
  • The smart valve cap switches colors according to the tire's condition:
  1. Green- Normal tire pressure (you are good to go).
  2. Yellow- Pressure is down 5 pounds (you need to top up your tyre pressure soon).
  3. Red- Pressure is down by at least 10 pounds (you are low enough to cause damage to the thread and operating the vehicle at low efficiency).
  • Fits every car.
  • Simple installation, inflate your tires to the correct pressure and connect the valve caps. 

Item Type: Alarm Systems & Security
External Testing Certification: CC
Material Type: Alloy + Plastic
Special Features: Monitoring valve cap
Item Weight: 0.25kg / set
Item Dimension: 2.x 1 cm