Smartest Snap & Grip Set
Smartest Snap & Grip Set
Smartest Snap & Grip Set
Smartest Snap & Grip Set
Smartest Snap & Grip Set
Smartest Snap & Grip Set

Smartest Snap & Grip Set

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The ultimate tool in your toolbox!

Product Detail

This innovative set consists of 2 universal keys that will save you time, money, space and fulfill all of your needs. It's the ideal tool for screwing, tightening or loosening all kinds of screws and bolts of all shapes. The whole set is ideal to work on sizes from 8 to 32mm.

You know it's annoying when your toolbox is full of French keys and when you need a specific one you can't find the right number. With this Smartest Snap & Grip Set, you will never have the problem again.

 Watch the video below to find out more

The secret is the technology of automatic clamping that applies to the size and shape of screws and bolts, regardless of whether they are round, hexagons, squares or even tubes. The Snap N Grip keys are ideal for all plumbing work, necessary at home and in the car and without any doubt, they are the perfect tools for jobs in inaccessible locations.


  • Quality Universal Set Perfect for any 9-32mm suitable  for Imperial or Metric. 
  • CR-V chrome vanadium steel, Excellent torque. 
  • Hardened, Chrome Plated, Durable Quality Tools. 
  • Suitable for pipes, spiral pipes, nuts, bolts or other  fasteners. 
  • Quick release clamping, anti slip. 
  • Fastens any size bolt, 9-32mm or just flip over tool to undo. 
  • The perfect and only tool you need for your cycle or motorbike.


Large Wrench: 
Size: 23-32mm, Total length 280mm 

Small  Wrench: 
Size: 9-22mm, Total length 215mm, Twin headed design

    *90% of our customers buy 2 packs or more so that they can share with their co-workers and neighbors!